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Case studies from our clients


No plan how to achieve results with Natural Treatment.


Get pain free and have no more symptoms


Personal Support

Implementation of his individual treatment strategy

Liam C.


“When I started working with Manuel my treatment started working. I was able to achieve feelable results and finally started living my normal life again. I am now 100% free from any symptoms and my swellings are invisible. Big game changer!”

Jeremias L.


“The best decision I have ever made! It completely exceeded my expectations. In the beginning I was a little hesitant if I really get the support I need, but it greatly exceeded my expectations. The best I have ever seen and I am really thankful for that! Finally I got my wife pregnant and will be a father soon.”


No idea how to improve fertility and get his wife pregnant


Have a baby with his wife


Creating a super efficient fertility improvement action plan

Definition of the individual steps to take

Implementation of the strategy


Testicular shrinkage due to varicocele


Grow both testicles same size again


Finding the individual reasons for testicular shrinkage

Creating personalized action plan for personal growth

Implementation of the strategy


Jamal G.


“I started working with Manuel and had a big better small problem. After the first 27 days I already achieved my first goal and stopped shrinkage. 60 days later I got my real big size back!”

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Clients Results

“Feelable and Touchable Results in Less than 21 Days”

Case Study with over 56,947 Participants

Feedback from Our Beta Group where we did a "Proof of Concept" and "Proof of Work"

Beta Group Satisfaction Score

“Beta Group Confidence Level Above 97%”

Your Personal Coach

“I’ll  help you personally to get rid of your varicocele without surgery risk, so you can start living your best life within 90 days or less.”

Personal Consultations
Private Facebook Group Members
Beta Group Members

“We’ll need less than an hour of your time commitment each day for your Successful Varicocele Treatment.”

Result of Our Beta Group:

Confidence Score Above 97%

56,947 Test Group Members
  • “Proof of Concept” & “Proof of Work” of our Casestudy with 56,947 People
  • Client Satisfaction Score Above 97%
  • “The best varicocele advice you will ever get”

Goals that we can achieve together.

  • Reduce swelling, by up to 95% (= make varicocele invisible)
  • Completely stop strange feelings coming from “down there”
  • Sudden pain. Completely eliminate pulling, stinging
  • Improve fertility (Motility, Semen Count, Morphology)
  • Increase testosterone levels by up to 38%

What we provide beyond that:

>> We ensure that recurrence (relapse) does not happen after successful healing.

This program is right for you if:

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>> You will keep your Access to our Secret VIP Facebook Group & Members Area & All Bonuses even after the 90 Days of Our Private One-On-One Coaching Program

"I will personally help you to achieve your treatment goal"

Known from:


Testimonials from Our Clients

"The Best Varicocele Mentor You Will Ever Find"

“Feelable and Touchable Results in Less than 21 Days”

There Are Hundreds Of Positive Reviews And So Many Successful Students

You Can Be One Of Them

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

"We will help you personally get rid of varicocele without taking surgery risk and be able to live your best life within 90 days."

There Are Hundreds Of Positive Reviews And So Many Successful Students

You Can Be One Of Them

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

*Disclaimer: These are all real results of clients who share their real opinions. I cannot guarantee you results. All of these people on this site worked hard for their success and they really deserved it! These successes are usually only possible if you speak to me 1:1 beforehand within a free consultation session and get to know my strategy.

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